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Sketch biologist
Abby McBride is a sketch biologist who writes and illustrates stories about science and nature. She has a biology degree from Williams College, a science writing degree from MIT, and a tendency to wander around outside with a sketchbook. After college Abby took the obvious career path and did some farming in Spain, became an illustrator in New York City, manned the helm of a Maine lobster boat, bird-blogged across the western United States, studied boobies on an uninhabited Galapagos island, coached swimming, taught piano lessons, assisted an invasion ecology textbook revision, and worked as a pastry chef (in roughly that order). Upon completing grad school she wrote for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, sketched icebergs in Iceland, giraffes in Kenya, and babblers in Borneo, developed a communications program for the American Ornithological Society, and somehow ended up riding a three-speed bicycle from Italy to Budapest. Abby recently returned from a year in New Zealand, sketching seabirds and writing stories about seabird conservation for National Geographic and Fulbright. She is currently sketchbiologizing on the coast of Maine.